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Eating Meat A Sin? Angela Simmons Says so

Photo Via Global Grind

Angela Simmons recently joined as an advocate for the PETA campaign. Angela Simmons in her recent interview with PETA says “

“As a devout Christian, I feel it’s very important to show compassion for all of God’s creation — and adopting a vegetarian diet is the best way to keep innocent animals from suffering.

Photo Via Global Grind

I applaud Angela Simmons for taking a stand in what she believes in. I was a vegetarian for a year and a vegan for 30 days. It takes a lot of commitment and sacrifice for sure. I always ask myself if ill ever revert back to the vegetarian lifestyle because believe it or not people, YOU DONT NEED MEAT TO SURVIVE! It is known that people who have a plant-based diet are healthier than those who consume meat. But what are your thoughts on her decision to go nude for the campaign? Do you think it was right, did it prove a point?

She made a statement, and people are definitely paying attention. You go ange!


Memory: September 11 2001

Where were you on September 11 2001? I will never forget how this day played out. I was in the 8th grade, and was in math class. Another teacher came to our room, and our teacher left for what seemed like forever. The class could hear commotion outside in the hall, and a lot of teachers were out there whispering and stuff. Kids were being called to the office for early release, and I remember that because I kept looking for my mom to pick me up. No one told us what was going on…or at least if they told me I don’t remember. I do remember going home, and my mother being there already. I asked her what was going on and she turned on the TV, when I saw video footage of planes going into the World Trade Center.

 Thousands of people lost their life that day and 10 years later AMERICA! is standing together to remember that day and of the fallen. Let us continue to stand united as a country, and let us never forget!….