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10 Things I’ve Learned

.. So today  I was thinking about how when I was growing up my parents would always give me advice and they would always say “I tell you this, because I’ve been through it..or Do you think I just tell you this for my health?” and regardless of what they told me I always went against it and learned the hard way…So i decided that I would share 10 things that I have learned in this thing we call “LIFE”. Please share some of your own!

1. Dont depend on other people to do things for you that you can do yourself! No im not saying that you should live life thinking you never need help from anybody, but I am saying that you shouldnt solely depend on other people to do something for you.

2. Dont loan money to ive heard my mom say this all the time “not to loan money to people; because most likely you wont see it again, you wont see it when you were supposed to, or you wont see the amount you gave out in the beginning.” I believe that you should be mindful when loaning out money to people. I think contracts should be set up, or loan+interest or something. I feel like when you loan money to people they become inconsiderate (I HAVE BILLS TOO). And then people act like when you ask for your money your bothering them, or “If you want it come and get it” type attitude… If someone has given you money Please repay them with the full amount that was given to you in the time that you said you would repay them. You burning bridges doing stuff like this..

**If you have borrowed money from me, and have not paid me back, or didn’t pay me back when you told me you were, please know I WILL NEVER LOAN YOU MONEY AGAIN!..**

3. Always make A & B plans…Never rely solely on one set of plans to work out because most likely they wont. If you have other plans set up then this helps so you’re not left disappointed

4. Always carry a little bit of Cash: I know that some people are strongly against carrying cash, and they are strictly for their credit cards. But it is important to carry some cash ($5, 10 max) this is because you never know when you could catch yourself in an emergency and in a situation where they don’t take credit cards, etc. You never know.

5. Not to be so quick to call everyone my FRIEND!- Not everyone who I meet who is nice, is my friend. It’s that simple.  I really don’t think this needs an explanation forreal.

6. Never talk to a guy who has a girl-who breaks up with the girl for ME and then not expect the cycle to happen to me- Yeah, so ladies and gents…If they broke up with someone for YOU, what makes you think they wont do it when someone else comes around..

7. If you put in the work you get results- this goes with anything but for me mainly with school. I struggled tremendously in school growing up, but honestly I really wasn’t putting in the work so I always received satisfactory grades. But now I know if you put in the work you will get positive results!

8. Its not what you know but who you know- It is always always always important to network. You should always try to have business cards, or something with your name and info on it. Have you ever heard of a 30 second commercial? You have 30 seconds to sell yourself! You never know who you will meet and when you will meet them. Opportunities are always there people!

9. 8 is important!- You know how they say 8 hours of sleep is good for you, and 8 glasses of water is good…well its true! I promise you if you try to get at least 8 hours of sleep you will feel amazing..and drinking 8 glasses of water is really good for your body. (I’ll make a post about Eating Healthy Soon)

10.Always carry lotion, gum, and tissues Now I can’t say that I always have these items in my purse. But my mom always taught me to make sure I have these essentials in my purse. 1. You never know when you will accidentally leave the house without putting on your lotion and well you don’t want to have ashy knuckles or knees all day 2. The onions you just had on your salad, that gum will take care of that, or the brother sitting next to you he needs a slice..this way everyone is benefiting 🙂 3. Tissues come in handy in all situations. You could spill something, have a boogie, or may need to spit out that gum. Ha ha! Never know!