Being realistic-For Once

I’ve always been one to make goals for myself and never follow through with completing them. Unfortunately, I think this is a habit that many of us take on and I think its fine time that we stop. Lets stop telling putting things off when we can do them now. Why talk the talk, and not walk the walk. So this year I made some goals for myself. The first goal was to be healthy, and just live life. I cant tell you guys how many times I have done the crash diets. You know, the diets where you literally eat nothing. I’ve done the Herbalife, Rice Diet, Green Smoothie diet. I’ve tried everything and in the end I still wasn’t happy. Yeah, I lost weight, but then I just ended up gaining it back.

So this year I made a vow to myself that I would not do the crash diets. I will not starve myself of food, and then binge when I get extremely hungry. I wont do it. I want to enjoy food and not be afraid that if I decide to eat a brownie its going to kill me. Granted, if I eat like ten brownies that may not be the right move…but you get what I’m saying. The final goal for myself is to run a 5k. **To all you runners, I realize this is not a long run. But I figured if I could accomplish this, then maybe I can continue to push myself and eventually run a half marathon or something. If I make crazy goals and expectations it just wont happen.

I have to be realistic with myself….for once.

You can follow my healthy journey on my other blog.


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