Who She was

She often lived a life trying to get acceptance from other people. So who was she? She was naïve, and young. She believed life was a fairy tale and had happy endings until her prince never came looking for her with her glass slipper. She believed that families would last forever until her mother died 3 years ago. She believed that it was actually possible to graduate college within 4 years until she changed majors three times. She was the one who had lots of friends till she realized she was the only one being the friend. She was the one who always smiled but cried inside. The one who often let people go but somehow always let them back in. The one who settled for less when her mom always taught her to never settle for any mess. The one who was often taken for granted, and under-estimated. The one who could give the advice but wouldn’t take her own. That “she” was me…

But I’ve realized that life is not a fairy tale and we have to be ok with the fact that sometimes we’ll have bad days, all relationships don’t work out, and that you’ll probably only have a few people in your life you can ever really call your friend. Loving that pivotal moment when you learn to be okay with who GOD made you to be, and no one else. Learning the lesson that when its time to let people go let them go, because some people are only meant to be in your life for a reason or a season. I’ve realized despite how long I’ve been in school the end is near and I can smell it. Despite it all, I’m just me, learning and growing everyday trying to be all that I can be. My name is Ashley; I’m thankful, humble, content and blessed. Who are you?

***I don’t know if I would call this poetry…but these were just some thoughts, and reflections….(*Sigh) oh how things have changed***


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